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Purify U's Suite of Services

Infrared Sauna, Salt Therapy, Power Plate & Color Therapy

Naturopathy Visit

Purify U's Naturopathy plan helps achieve personal goals

Quarterly wellness reviews, directed by our certified natural health practitioner, focus on preventive care, determining body stressors, setting goals and healthy lifestyle counseling.

A good assessment can help determine your path to a healthier lifestyle and indicate what steps to take next. Your assessment is evaluated from multiple sources:

  • Input from you: we will ask a range of questions about your state of health, symptoms you’re experiencing, your lifestyle habits and goals, and other pertinent information.
  • Zyto Elite Wellness Scan will take The Guesswork Of Health. The ZYTO technology simply allows you to place your hand on the hand cradle, and the computer runs through a sequence of painless assessments. It creates an electronic “conversation” between the client’s skin (the largest organ) and the Elite computerized software program. The program begins to pinpoint the best approach to bring the body back into balance with foods, supplements, essential oils and/or natural remedies that are most compatible with it.
  • Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is a valuable tool we use for measuring your body composition—the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass, body hydration level, metabolic age, bone mass and visceral fat.  The bioimpedance reveals important information to identify you health needs an plan your direction.

An assessment helps determine your unique plan and provides information that helps guide you to better health, as well as helps you maintain overall health.

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Restore your health, prevent illness

Boost your wellbeing

Infrared Sauna

Mayo Clinic approved, our infrared saunas detox while burning up to 600 calories.

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Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy helps you look younger, heal faster and feel better. 

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Salt Therapy

Salt’s natural healing properties is beneficial for skin and respiratory systems.

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Power Plate

Vibrations stimulate muscles and reduce cellulite, a workout in a fraction of the time.

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Learn to focus on preventive care, set goals and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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