A Journey to Holistic Health with Dr. Brenda Branch

January 16, 2024
Purify U: A Journey To Holistic Health With Dr. Brenda Branch

The Good Neighbor Podcast Northport

Thank you host Patricia Blondheim and The Good Neighbor Podcast for exploring the journey of holistic health with Dr. Brenda Branch.

Brenda Branch sat down with Blondheim this January to discuss her transition from pharmacy to visionary naturopathic doctor at the helm of her wellness center Purify U. The journey to holistic health, Branch explains, includes a blend of tried-and-true methods, nutritional support, and  groundbreaking therapies like infrared sauna and salt therapy alongside power-plate devices.

Brenda Branch ND, CNHP, CNC is a nutritional consultant with more than 27 years in Natural Health who advocates traditional naturopathic, non-invasive therapies in her work.


Catch the full interview and transcripts here.

Blondheim, Patricia. “Purify U: A Journey to Holistic Health with Dr. Brenda Branch.” The Good Neighbor, January 16, 2024. Podcast, Audio, 15:59.