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What is Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red Light Therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers concentrated, natural light to the mitochondria of your cells, which in turn enhances energy production needed to power your body. The more energy our cells make, the better our bodies look, heal, feel, and perform.

Just like plants use sunlight to heal and grow, our body is able to harness specific wavelengths of light and turn them into cellular energy. This, in turn, stimulates your body’s natural healing processes.

Clinically-Proven Health Benefits

Light therapy has been studied extensively. There’s a wealth of clinical research with overwhelmingly positive results for skin health, collagen production, physical performance & muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, and a lot more. And that’s without drugs, chemicals, UV rays, invasive procedures, or other common side effects. Here’s a sampling of documented benefits:

• Improved skin tone, clarity, & complexion
• Diminishes age spots, fine lines, & wrinkles
• Stimulates production of collagen and elastin
• Increases blood circulation
• Speeds muscle recovery to boost training & athletic performance
• Reduces joint pain & inflammation
• Speeds healing of wounds & injuries
• Boosts natural melatonin production & promotes healthy sleep
• Increases testosterone production in men
• Enhances mood, cognitive function, & mental clarity

Red Light Therapy

Treatment Guidelines:

We recommend starting out with 1-2 minute treatments per area, slowly working up to a 10-minute session(s) over the course of 2-3 weeks as your body acclimates to the therapy.

For effective use, the area of your body that you’re treating needs to be exposed directly to the light. Clothing, makeup, water prevent the red and near infrared light from reaching your cells, so remove any garments from the part of your body you’re treating.

Lighter garments like underwear, bras, shorts, and socks may be worn without hampering a treatment, though the covered areas not exposed directly to the light won’t receive any benefits.


Frequently asked questions.

What does light therapy do?

Hollywood stars and Harvard researchers agree: light therapy is great for your skin! Light therapy harnesses the healing power of natural light to rejuvenate your skin cells, boost collagen production, and diminish signs of aging. A-List Hollywood estheticians like Shani Darden insist on red light for their superstar clients. Leading researchers at Harvard and elsewhere have documented light therapy’s ability to lessen wrinkles, lines, and spots, and improve skin tone & complexion. There are no drugs or notable side effects, and all you have to do is expose your skin to healing red light for 10 minutes a day.

What is the difference between light therapy and a sauna?

While both are very beneficial, light therapy and saunas are quite different in terms of their mechanism of action. Saunas rely on heat to produce biological effects, whereas red light therapy devices produce almost no heat at all. Instead, red light therapy devices deliver wavelengths of natural light directly to your skin and cells.

Specific wavelengths of natural light have some amazing effects on the mitochondria in our cells, helping them to produce more energy for our bodies. Instead of using heat, red light therapy literally feeds energy into our cells with photons from natural light.

Additionally, red light therapy works faster than a sauna. A typical session is only 10 minutes.

What are the side effects of red light therapy?

Light therapy is safe, non-invasive, uses no chemicals or drugs, and is not associated with harmful side effects. It simply harnesses the natural healing and rejuvenating benefits of a specific range of therapeutic light and delivers this targeted energy at a higher rate than the sun—without harmful UV rays. A major 2013 study conducted by Harvard and MIT researchers praised light therapy for its “noninvasive nature and almost complete absence of side effects.”

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