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Purify U founder Brenda

Brenda Montrella Branch, Holistic Practitioner


What we do.

The world offers plenty of stresses, toxins and unhealthy temptations. Overall wellness can be hard to achieve. Imagine improved sleep, increased vitality, radiant healthy skin, reduced stress and weight loss. Imagine renewed spirit and mind. Whether you need to boost your natural defenses or restore your health, Purify U has solutions.

How it works.

Our unique non-invasive services combine the latest technology with clinically studied health solutions to restore your health and well-being and replenish your energy. Purify U detoxes, restores and renews your body and spirit. Our menu includes salt therapy, infrared saunas, nutritional therapy, naturopathy wellness reviews, dietary and lifestyle advice, and more– all geared toward creating a healthier you. A purified you.

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Benefits of Purify U.


What We Offer.

infrared sauna service at purify u

Infrared Sauna

Mayo Clinic approved, our infrared saunas detox while burning up to 600 calories. Plus it provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous side effects of solar radiation.  Learn more.

Red Light Therapy

Studied by NASA and proven across hundreds of clinical studies, red and near infrared light promotes healthy cellular function – helping you look younger, heal faster and feel better.  Learn more.

salt therapy services at purify u

Salt Therapy

Salt’s natural healing properties works wonders on skin and respiratory systems. Salt therapy, also called Halotherapy, reproduces the naturally occurring climate found in salt caves found to be beneficial for those with respiratory and skin problems. Learn more.

power plate service at purify u

Power Plate

Using vibrations to stimulate muscles and actively reduce cellulite, Power Plate gives the body a high-speed effective workout in a fraction of the time.  Learn more.

improve your wellness

Naturopathy Visit

Meet with our certified natural health practitioner to learn how you can focus on preventive care, set goals and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Learn More.

What Our Clients Say


Purify U

The Buzz About our Services.

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Menu & Pricing

Plan Your Session Today.

Purify U offers single sessions, as well as monthly and yearly packages. With our online schedule option, you can book your next salt bath, infrared therapy session, powerbelt workout and more. Discover what times work best for you and plan your session today.

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