While aging may be inevitable, it certainly isn’t fixed! You can have control over how well you age and at what rate.

Even better news, Purify U can help! When you use our services to destress, detoxify and boost your health, you’ll get anti-aging benefits as well. Experience purified skin, increased flexibility, reduced stress, reduced pain – a renewed you.

How does it work? It happens through multiple approaches:

  • Purify U’s detoxifying regimes through diet and sweat remove toxins.
  • Infrared saunas with chromotherapy penetrate skin and provide beneficial sunlight therapy.
  • Exercise using Power Plate technology increases flexibility, improves circulation, builds muscle, increases metabolism and stamina, and yields all the benefits of exercise.
  • Salt therapy improves skin and respiratory systems.

Purify U’s suite of wellness therapies focus on a better you inside and out.


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