Wellness Benefits

The Purify U Method

Experience Wellness Benefits

Purify U is more than a sauna studio. It’s more than an exercise gym.
Purify U is a one-stop studio that offers complete holistic health solutions.

Beyond Therapy

Enjoy Full Towel Service and More

All Purify U clients can enjoy these additional wellness benefits as they experience Purify U’s Four Core therapies, Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy, Salt/Oxygen Therapy, and Power Plate™:

  • Full Towel Service
  • Cooling Cloths
  • Cleansing Face and Body Wipes
  • Detox Pre-sauna Drink Shot
  • Replenish Post-sauna Drink Shot
  • Purify U Essential Oil Therapy
  • Ionized/Alkaline Water
  • Chlorophyll Water
Vitamins, Supplements & More

Additional Support

In the Purify U studio storefront, clients can purchase vitamins, supplements for added nutritional support; handmade bath salts; refreshing drinks; adaptogen coffees, powders, creamers; branded merchandise including shirts, sweatshirts & water bottles.

  • Handmade Bath Salts
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Nutritional Support: vitamins, supplements
  • Refreshing Drinks
  • Adaptogen Coffees, Powders, Creamers