Purify U Opens 2018

July 23, 2018

Boost your natural defense, restore good health and prevent disease at Purify U!

Purify U is coming to Tuscaloosa, Alabama! The wellness spa featuring premier infrared saunas and salt capsules along with the purest products on the planet is opening in August 2018. 

Owner, Brenda Branch N.D., CNHP, CNC, is a nutritional consultant who advocates traditional naturopathic, non-invasive therapies to address the cause of the symptoms or imbalance of the body. Featured therapies include herbs, minerals, detoxifying regimens, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies, weight management and stress reduction.

My purpose and passion is to share and encourage everyone to better health.

Brenda Branchowner

towncenterBrenda advocates taking simple, small steps to help prevent and overcome some health problems. She advises/educates patients about how to become healthier and ways in which this is accomplished through natural health, fitness, healthy living and common lifestyle choices.

Purify U is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in Towncenter  (just off of McFarland Blvd.) next to Bradley Gifts.