Purify U Celebrates One Year Anniversary

August 13, 2019

Bill and I are overjoyed to celebrate the one year anniversary of Purify U in Tuscaloosa. We are amazed at all the events that took place in order to arrive at Purify U’s first birthday celebration; from the successful past year of business to the nine months of planning- when Purify U was just a notion of health and wellness. Due to our combined efforts with our wonderful staff Purify U has become a premier community wellness-based studio for our Tuscaloosa neighbors. We take pride in offering the benefits of the latest technologies, clinically studied heath solutions, personalized services, high quality products, as well as support and professional advice in health and wellness. The faces of our grateful members allow us to see the fruits of our labor; the services and products that our members implement through small steps into their lifestyles improve their well being and, ultimately, provide them with optimal health. They report experiencing relief from anxiety, depressions, allergies, skin and respiratory conditions. Sharing our passion for health and wellness makes us feel truly blessed; we are looking forward to the future of sharing the Purify U ideology of making healthy living simple and enjoyable across the United States.

Brenda Branch


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