Member Testimonials

Coming to Purify U is my way of taking control of my health. Consistent workouts on the Power Plate have gotten me into shape without taking up a lot of time. The Power Plate has also helped with my chronic back pain by strengthening the muscles without overworking them. Salt therapy and the sauna have been great tools for combating my allergies and making recovery a lot quicker. PurifyU makes me feel healthier and more energized… so glad I found it!!

Maggie M

We love our sauna dates! It’s a great way to catch up and spend time together while benefiting our health. Our 35 minute sessions fly by because we talk the entire time. We love every part of Purify U – I can tell a major difference in my allergies when I use the salt booth. I am also not as excited about working out as Gina, so I love that I can do the Power Plate and get a full body workout in 15 minutes! The wellness aspect of Purify U is helping me too. I just did the Clean Start cleanse and now Gina is giving it a try. Having a best friend who is as invested in her health makes it easy to make better lifestyle choices.” And Gina adds, “Purify U helps so much with my inflammation! I’m so grateful for Brenda’s passion and her whole team.

Gina M and Kara W

After having my second baby I knew I needed to make it a priority to get back to the healthiest version of me. I wanted to maximize my results but minimize the time spent actually working out! I thought this was impossible until I found Purify U. The Power Plate workout transformed my body in a matter of weeks. I work out for just 10 minutes a day and have seen results faster than with any other workout I have ever done. Wellesley and I are also huge fans of the Salt Booth. She suffers from eczema and seasonal allergies. When I heard it was safe for babies, I immediately took her in with me. She LOVES it and her dry patches are significantly better. To say we are hooked is an understatement!

Meredith W

I’ve been suffering from seasonal allergies my entire life and in the past few years it has progressively gotten worse, usually developing into bronchitis. Each fall and spring I typically take Allegra, Mucinex, and Flonase daily with an inhaler for when the coughing fits are so bad I struggle to breathe. Since I started Purify U last fall, I’ve no longer needed these medications! I’m so excited to finally enjoy these beautiful seasons instead of simply suffering through them, and I’m proud to be proactive with healthy alternatives instead of always being reactive with multiple medications.

Stephanie M

Our family is keenly aware of the blessing of good health. We always talk about making healthy choices.  The Power Plate, salt therapy and sauna have taken our healthy choices to another level. In addition, Brenda and her staff are very knowledgeable and have helped each of us with anything from how to avoid the common cold to helping manage the late effects of Fuller’s cancer treatments.

Melissa G

I love PurifyU because it is usually the only time I have to focus 100% on myself. My skin has improved, I’ve lost weight, and I feel a lot less anxious in my day-to-day life. I always leaving feeling relaxed and reenergized. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and they make the experience so much more than just a visit to the sauna!

Ashleigh C

Purify U is my happy place. Not only do I feel like I am changing my body from the inside out but I am reducing my stress level every time I walk in the door and am greeted with genuine kindness and enthusiasm to see me. I can really tell body has become toner using the power plates and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy the salt and sauna!!

Barbie B

Shake, Bake, and sometimes Salt would be the best way for me to describe my time at PurifyU.  As I get older workouts are getting increasingly harder on my body. The Power Plate offers a workout that lasts 10 to 15 minutes? Yes, please!  The Infrared Sauna took me a few times to get used to, but once I did, I couldn’t wait until the next time.  When I get home from traveling or have had a fun couple of days with careless disregard to what I eat or drink, nothing makes me feel better than 30 minutes in the Infrared Sauna. It’s like the extra glass of wine, or lousy food choice is sweated out!  When you combine Salt, Shake and Bake it is workout, recovery, and detox all in one stop!

Regina B

Purify U is the happening place – you are missing out on all the benefits of the Power Plate machines, salt booths and infrared saunas!  I have included a visit to Purify U every day as part of my ‘getting healthier’ routine!

Lynda C